Helen Chan, lover of thoughtful interfaces, with a passion for clean design

Hailing from Boston, Helen’s passion for visual communication flourished at an early age. As a high school student, she was hired as a project manager of a Microsoft-funded cyber safety campaign for Boston Public Schools, reaching 120 schools and more than 10,000 students. Fast forward several years, Helen was involved in projects for world-renowned companies such as Disney, Sony, Talbots, Liberty Mutual and more. She fulfilled roles from a junior designer implementing designs to leading a team as the art director to create visual compositions from the ground up.

Armed with an education from an intensive design program at one of the nation’s most prestigious technical universities, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Helen continued her development into a polished designer. During her pursuit of a degree in Electronic Media Arts and Communication, she honed her expertise in various mediums of design such as: animation, video and film, photography, interactive and graphic design.

Following graduation, Helen excelled in the interactive industry applying innovation, creativity, and professionalism. From winning multiple awards (recognition) to receiving customer accolades, she has always been committed to the satisfaction of her clients. After several internships and designing for the renowned Sapient design firm, she has finally decided to step out on her own to become a freelancer.

Yet still, while an avid snowboarder, she is ever planning her next trip overseas to cross another destination off her travel list. Her love of design is only rivaled by her love for Hazel, her cockapoo.